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clawsable portable elevated heated cat house medium
clawsable portable elevated heated cat house small
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2 in 1 Outdoor Elevated Portable Heated Cat House

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large



Elevate Your Feline Friend's Outdoor Experience

Introducing the Clawsable Portable Outdoor Heated Cat House – a sanctuary of warmth and comfort designed to provide your beloved feline with a cozy retreat even in the great outdoors.

    Moisture-Resistant Design with Extra Elevated Base

    • Enhanced Waterproofing: Offers an additional 5.5 inches of height, ensuring your cats stay dry during heavy rain and are safe from standing water, as well as pests like snakes, rodents, and ants.
    • Detachable Base: This can even be used separately as a pet bed, complementing our Clawsable pet heating pad for ultimate comfort.

    Unrivaled Insulation for Optimal Comfort

    • Premium Material Selection: Crafted using a combination of high-quality materials, including PP material, Oxford cloth, PVC, aluminum foil, cotton, and hollow board, all topped with a waterproof coating.
    • Innovative Insulation: The winning feature of this product lies in its insulation, combining aluminum foil and insulating pearl cotton to prevent heat loss.
    • Ultimate Warmth: Combined with our heating pad, this outdoor cat house provides a cozy refuge in even the harshest weather conditions.
    • Summer Cooling: During hot summer days, you can even add ice inside the cat house, transforming it into a personalized pet air-conditioned room.

    Enhanced Safety in All Conditions

    • Secure Fixation: Two metal fastening rings secure the cat house in outdoor environments, even with winds of up to 8 levels.
    • Reliable Protection: Ensure your cat's safety and comfort regardless of the elements.

    Innovative Cable Passage

    • Ingenious Cable Passage Design: Replaces the need for large openings, significantly enhancing waterproofing and insulation.
    • Constructed with durable silicone material: It boasts remarkable longevity. Moreover, it automatically retracts when cables are not in use, providing exceptional wind, rain, and cold resistance.

    With Heating Pad Version

    • Thick and Soft: The included waterproof heating pad offers enhanced comfort and warmth, making it the perfect addition to your feline's cozy abode.
    • Safety-Tested: Clawsable has been tested rigorously and certified by MET Labs. Their certification means this product adheres to strict electrical safety standards.

    Discover Where the Clawsable Portable Outdoor Heated Cat House Shines!

    Under the Eaves: Whether it's rain or shine, the Clawsable Heated Cat House offers your pet a warm and sheltered corner under the eaves.

    Animal Shelters: At rescue shelters, the Clawsable Heated Cat House becomes a warm refuge for furry friends awaiting their forever homes, helping them adjust and feel the warmth of human care.

    Outdoor Adventures: Ideal for camping, hiking, or outdoor gatherings, the Clawsable Heated Cat House keeps your pet snug and comfortable.

    Backyard Bliss: Create a cozy spot in your backyard for your cat to relax and enjoy the outdoors, providing a perfect spot for your cat to bask in the sun or seek shelter during sudden rain showers.

    Advanced Materials

    • Waterproof Coating: Provides durability by preventing water infiltration and enhancing fabric longevity.
    • High-Density 600D Fabric: Withstands challenging weather conditions, ensuring resistance to scratching and biting.
    • High-Elastic PVC: Adds an extra layer of waterproofing and insulation.
    • Military-Grade Hollow PP Board: Reinforces the structure, repelling rain, wind, and enhancing stability (1500g/sqm).
    • Food-Grade Insulating Aluminum Foil: Prevents heat from escaping, achieving exceptional insulation results.

    Available Sizes

    Choose the perfect fit for your feline friend's comfort:

    • Small - 16.5 x 12.6 x 16.1 inches | 5.62 lbs (Equipped with Heated Pet Pad 12" Series "11.8*15.7 inches")
    • Medium - 20.5 x 12.6 x 16.1 inches | 6.4 lbs (Equipped with Heated Pet Pad 12" Series "11.8*19.7 inches")
    • Large - 24.8 x 13 x 16.9 inches | 7.28 lbs(Equipped with Heated Pet Pad 12" Series "11.8*23.6 inches")
    • Door Opening: 6.3 x 6.3 inches

    Customized Options

    Choose the perfect fit for your feline companion's comfort and preferences

    • Heated Version: With Standard Heating Pad
    • Unheated Version: With Soft Cotton Blanket

        Package Includes

        • Portable Outdoor Cat House x 1
        • Windproof Ground Nails x 2
        • Elevated Base x 1
        • Heating Pad x 1

        Elevate Your Feline's Experience

        Elevate your cat's outdoor adventures with the Clawsable Portable Outdoor Heated Cat House. Provide optimal comfort, warmth, and protection tailored to their needs. Choose Clawsable today.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 71 reviews
        Foster Mama
        Great Heating Pad But Legs Fall Off

        I already have two outdoor cat houses but I've been seeing a newbie (most likely abandoned) so I got a medium-sized cat house (16”x12”). It’s about the size of a wine box. Two might fit if the cat is less than a year old. Otherwise, this house should be for one cat.

        This house is definitely solid, like a wooden house, but lightweight. And those inner foil walls feel quite durable. Although I wished the top or side would open to clean, the foil-insulated inner walls might make it easy to clean. Probably just wiping the mess would do. And also no opening means less air to seep through.

        The heating pad is one of the best heating pads I’ve got. Unlike many heating pads, this one is soft and the cover is thick, soft, and velvety. Instead of having that stiff plastic-y heating pad, the cat will be able to sleep on a nice comfy heated mat.

        I usually place straws in the outdoor houses (as you can see in my photo). But I’m gonna wait for a bit. Also, I’m going to leave the entry open because some of the cats have no clue how to use those flap doors. Once they get used to the house, I’ll attach the flap and add some straws. As you can see at the end of my video, the newbie was interested in this cat house.

        One thing that I don’t like is the leg attachments. Those legs come off loose and don’t stay on at all. I would think each leg should click/twist to attach to the base, but no. So when I move or pick the house up, those four legs will fall off which is very annoying. I wrapped a rubber band around each leg to secure it better (as seen in my photos).

        Nice shelter for Feral Cats

        Quickly received, easily assembled, but cat hesitate entering since there is only one way in and out. Perhaps a plastic window would help them feel safer inside. Maybe it will be more attractive once the snow arrives!!

        Lizzy P
        Purrfect outdoor cathouse but legs could be better

        The main compartment is well-made. Durable, sturdy and was easy to set up.
        The heated pad has a soft, blue, washable cover. It has a Velcro removable, heavy-weight plastic door to keep the warmth in and the cold out. The interior walls, floor and ceiling are of a reflective foil material. The electrical cord is encased in a protective plastic cover, giving you peace of mind when the weather get harsh.

        The elevated base is convenient for rainy days and for keeping your kitties more secure-they do like to be up higher anyway.

        Our cats spend time outdoors and one stray we’ve taken in mainly lives outdoors so hopefully they’ll be able to use this if they don’t make it back inside in time.

        My one complaint was with the legs. They came separate from the base and were simply footed plastic tubes. They kept slipping out of the base frame as I moved and repositioned the cat house so I had to tape them on.

        Despite that I still give this house 5 stars. It’s a well-made product that will make any cat owner feel confident they’re providing a safe, secure and warm place for their outdoor pets to brave the elements.

        Wow, this is really nice

        This is a cute little heated cat house. This was very easy to assemble and the fabric feels like a type of canvas, but it is pretty solid. This one is pretty small, my 13 lbs and 17 lbs cats fit into it - one at a time of course - but if there are smaller cats or kittens then more than one can easily fit into it. This looks like it will keep a cat very warm. There is a little stray that keeps coming to visit me, but won't let me touch it, I at least feed it and am hoping this little house will keep it warm during the cold months that are ahead of us. This is a really nice little house; it was easy to assemble, and it appears to have come with tent stakes to keep it in place and maybe from being blown around.

        Perfect for Big Boy

        My outdoor cat Big Boy loves this house, keeps wind out, stays warm