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Portable Cat House - Small Heated Cat Shelter
Outdoor Elevated Cat House
Portable Cat Shelter
Travel Cat House
Portable Cat House
fast assembly
elevated portable cat house excellent heat retention 115
elevated portable heated cat house waterproof insulated cable outlet design 113
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2 in 1 Outdoor Elevated Portable Heated Cat House Small

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Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews
Paul Crockford
Hot CAT House

I have three cats and quite frequently they are left outside to fend for themselves. Because I value my kitties I have provided them with some outside cat beds on the rafters of our portch. This provides comfort and safety during the night. When the Winter months showed up last year I thought, mmmm the kitties might need a little bit better shelter from the cold. Shortly after that, I came across an advertisement for these CAT Shelters! Walah!! I bought a large one and my kitties love it! When the cold finally reared its head, there were three tenents ready to go and they enjoyed it very much! The next morning, I went out the back door and called them, all three of them came piling out of their Winter quarters. They appeared to be rested and ready for another day of cat adventures!

Betty Christopher
My purchase

I was disappointed in the velcro plastic door it came with. I bought a small one last time and the door closure was much better.

Debra Hesse
Cat house

Easy to put together, sturdy and warm

Kimberly M. Penrod
Outdoor Cats

Our outdoor kitties love these houses! They stand up to our crazy Oklahoma weather unlike others we have tried. Definitely recommend!

Charlotte Fairchild

I decided to put the cat house in the garage because it was 12*F when we first got it. He still waited 4 days before using it. Now he uses it in the garage when it rains in the day time and at night, rain or shine. We didn't know this cat was no one's cat. We had a camera outside and found he was checking our yard at night.