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How to Tell If a Stray Cat Likes You and Wants to Stick Around?

Have you ever spotted a stray cat and felt the urge to bring it home? But how can you tell if the cat actually likes you?
In fact, stray cats often communicate their preferences through a series of behaviors:
1. Approaching Humans:
Stray cats accustomed to human interaction may approach people seeking food, attention, or companionship. This behavior can strongly indicate that the cat likes you.

2. Vocalizing:
When interacting with humans, stray cats may meow or purr to show they're comfortable and seeking attention. This vocalization can suggest that the cat likes you.

3. Rubbing Against Objects or People:
Cats often rub against objects or people to mark their territory and establish a connection. If a stray cat rubs against you, it likely indicates that the cat feels comfortable and likes you.

4. Kneading:
Kneading is when a cat makes a pushing and pulling motion with its paws on a soft surface, often accompanied by purring. This behavior is usually associated with contentment and can suggest that a stray cat feels comfortable and likes you.

5. Rolling on the Ground:
Cats may roll on the ground to show submission and trust. If a stray cat rolls on the ground in front of you, it may indicate that the cat feels comfortable and likes you.

If a stray cat's behavior indicates that it likes you and wants to stick around, you may be tempted to take it home. However, it's important not to do so directly. Instead, take the cat to the vet for a check-up first.


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