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Top 5 Police Dog Breeds Used Worldwide and Why

The world's major countries choose certain dog breeds as police dogs because of their exceptional performance in police work. These breeds are known for their specific traits that make them excel in different tasks:

German Shepherd (German Shepherd Dog):

German Shepherds are one of the most common police dog breeds worldwide. Known for their intelligence, obedience, loyalty, and enthusiasm for work, they are versatile dogs. Their strong physique, agility, and high learning ability make them suitable for various tasks such as search and rescue, tracking, patrolling, and guarding.

The heroic deeds of K-9 Kairo
Cairo is a German Shepherd who is best known for his role in a U.S. Navy SEAL special operation. The operation was carried out during the 2011 killing of terrorist leader Osama bin Laden.

Cairo played a key role in the operation. His mission is to secure buildings and provide early warning so commandos can carry out their mission safely. Kylo's keen sense of smell and disciplined skills allow him to search buildings for possible threats, such as explosives or enemy personnel. His bravery and professionalism helped the SEAL team successfully complete the operation.

Cairo's story illustrates the German Shepherd's remarkable capabilities as a police dog, including an excellent sense of smell, intelligence, bravery, and obedience. His heroics were widely reported around the world and he became the poster boy for the breed.

Belgian Malinois:

The Belgian Malinois is often considered a "modern police dog." Similar to the German Shepherd, Malinois dogs are generally slimmer and more energetic. Their high intelligence and strong work ethic make them a top choice for police tasks, especially in roles that require speed and agility.

The Rescue Story of K-9 Bear
K-9 Bear is a Malinois who was widely reported during the California wildfires as he played a key role in finding trapped pets.

During the California fires, many people had to evacuate their homes and some were unable to take their pets with them. Bears are dispatched to disaster areas to assist in the search and rescue of pets trapped in homes or other structures.

The bear's keen sense of smell and well-trained skills allow him to find many stranded pets in extreme conditions. His work has not only helped save the lives of many animals but has also brought comfort to many families as they have been reunited with their missing pets.
Labrador Retriever:

Labrador Retrievers are known for their friendly, stable temperament and excellent sense of smell. These qualities make them top-notch detection dogs, particularly in tasks such as locating drugs, explosives, and missing persons. They are often used by police and security agencies around the world.

The search and rescue deeds of K-9 Red
K-9 Red is a Labrador retriever who is credited with saving many lives after disasters. In 2013, a severe tornado struck Moore, Oklahoma, USA, causing severe damage and casualties.

After the disaster, Lei, his owner, and his trainer were dispatched to the disaster area to participate in search and rescue efforts. His mission is to search for survivors buried in the rubble by smell. Ray's keen sense of smell and excellent training enabled him to find multiple survivors in the rubble and assist rescue workers in successfully extracting them.


Rottweilers are known for their strength, bravery, and loyalty. They make excellent guard dogs and can be used to protect personnel or secure locations. Their imposing presence serves as a deterrent in many situations.

K-9 Terry’s brave actions
K-9 Terry is a Rottweiler who excels in his police duties. In 2019, Terry was dispatched with his handler to a search of a building suspected of hiding drugs.

During the search, Terry sniffed out drugs hidden in a corner of the building. But suddenly, the hiders opened fire on the policemen, creating a chaotic situation. At this critical moment, Terry showed extraordinary courage and calmness and immediately rushed towards the hider, successfully subduing him and providing the police with valuable time so that they could safely arrest the hider.

Terry's heroic actions have been praised by police and the local community and he is considered a true hero.

Dutch Shepherd:

Dutch Shepherds are praised for their versatility and high intelligence. They respond well to training and excel in a range of tasks, from search and rescue to patrol duties. Their adaptability makes them a valuable asset to any police force.

Police dog Rock (K-9 Rock) drug detection operation
K-9 Rock is a wolfhound who excels in drug busts. In 2020, Roark and his handlers participated in an important anti-drug mission. They were dispatched to a suspected location to search for illegally concealed drugs.

Rock's keen sense of smell and excellent training allowed him to find a drug storage location hidden in the basement in a short period of time. He accurately marked the location, providing key information to the police. With his assistance, the police successfully seized a large number of illegal drugs and arrested relevant suspects.

These breeds share key traits such as high intelligence, obedience, bravery, vigilance, loyalty, and a passion for work. These characteristics enable them to perform exceptionally well in various roles within police and military fields. The choice of a specific breed often depends on its performance in specific tasks and its compatibility with handlers and trainers.

Overall, police forces around the world choose these breeds not only for their skills and qualities but also for their ability to build strong partnerships with their handlers, resulting in effective teamwork and success in police operations.


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