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Chill Out Your Pup this Summer with Clawsable's Elevated Cooling Dog Bed!

As summer heats up, we humans have our tricks to stay cool, but what about our furry friends? While gel pads are a popular choice, they come with their own set of issues.

First off, gel pads require pre-freezing, which means planning ahead and clearing out precious freezer space. Plus, the inevitable leaks and spills can create a sticky situation that's just not worth the hassle. And let's not forget about safety concerns—gel pads often lack guarantees on the safety of their filling materials. In the unfortunate event of a rupture, there's a risk of toxic exposure if pets ingest the leaked liquid.

And gel pads may start off cool, but they often lose their chill as the day wears on, leaving your pup hot and bothered.

But fear not! Clawsable's Elevated Cooling Dog Bed is here to rescue your pet from the summer sizzle! With its innovative design and best-in-class cooling technology, this bed offers the benefits that a gel mattress can't match, without any of the headaches.

First and foremost, our Elevated Cooling Dog Bed provides a steady, refreshing chill that lasts for 8-12 hours on end. It can reach 18-27 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than the surroundings, and it's engineered to maintain a stable temperature range of 64-73 degrees Fahrenheit. With this consistent cooling, your pup will stay cool and comfy all day long, no matter how high the ambient temperature climbs.

And setting it up is a breeze. Just fill the included ice bag with water, pop it in the fridge to freeze, then slip it into the bed's compartment. Voila! Your pup's own personal oasis of coolness awaits.

Plus, our beds are built to last without any leaks or spills to worry about. It's the perfect solution for a summer filled with outdoor adventures and lazy days lounging in the shade.

So this summer, give your pup the gift of comfort and relief with Clawsable's Elevated Cooling Dog Bed. Trust us, they'll thank you for it—and you'll both enjoy a season of sun-soaked fun without breaking a sweat.

And here's the icing on the cake: with this cooling bed, you won't have to worry about your furry friend suffering from heatstroke at home. That means no need to crank up the air conditioner, saving both the environment and your wallet!


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