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Clawsable Outdoor Cat House - Double Insulation of Aluminum Foil Hollow Board

Clawsable's outdoor cat house is crafted with premium materials, providing pets with ultimate comfort and insulation. Let's delve into the analysis of its five main materials, unraveling the mystery behind this technological insulation marvel.

  1. 900D Oxford Cloth PVC Clawsable's outdoor cat house features an outer layer made of 900D Oxford cloth PVC, a high-density fabric known for its wear resistance, waterproof properties, and UV resistance. With PVC coating, this material effectively withstands various weather conditions, ensuring a durable lifespan for the outdoor cat house.

  2. 8MM Insulation Pearl Cotton The interior of the cat house is insulated with 8MM pearl cotton, a lightweight and efficient thermal insulation material that creates a warm haven for beloved pets. It not only effectively isolates outdoor cold but also absorbs noise, fostering a quiet and pleasant living space.

  3. Aluminum Foil Laminated Mesh Fabric Both sides of the hollow board are covered with aluminum foil laminated mesh fabric, forming a double-layer insulation design. This combination harnesses the heat radiation reflection of aluminum foil and the durability of mesh fabric, creating an ideal thermal radiation isolation layer. This structure not only reflects outdoor cold effectively but also maintains indoor warmth, providing a comfortable shelter for pets.

  4. Fiberglass Rod Utilizing fiberglass rods as structural support, Clawsable ensures lightweight and high-strength characteristics. In the outdoor cat house, these rods guarantee the overall structural integrity, resisting the impact of wind and rain, and creating a secure living environment for pets.

  5. 1800g Hollow Board The hollow board is a lightweight yet robust material with excellent insulation performance. Serving as the core structure of the cat house, it is composed of 1800g super compression-resistant boards. The super compression-resistant board in the middle layer provides robust support to the entire structure, ensuring that the outdoor cat house withstands various weather conditions and environmental challenges.

Through the scientific combination of these five materials, Clawsable's outdoor cat house achieves double protection for pets: resisting the harsh natural environment and providing a warm, comfortable internal space. This technological insulation marvel creates a serene and cozy outdoor haven for your beloved pets.


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