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Behind the Design: An Interview with Jimmy, the Designer of Clawsable's Cooling Pet Products

Discover the Innovation and Inspiration Behind the Instant Cooling Cat House, Elevated Cooling Cat House, and Cooling Elevated Dog Cot

As temperatures soar, ensuring our furry friends remain cool and comfortable becomes a priority. Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Jimmy, the brilliant mind behind Clawsable's range of cooling pet products. Join us as we delve into the design philosophy, innovative technology, and inspiration behind these unique solutions for pet comfort.

Q1. What inspired the design of the Instant Cooling Cat House with Ice Pack, the Elevated Cooling Cat House with Ice Pack, and the Cooling Elevated Dog Cot with Refillable Ice Pack?

Jimmy: The inspiration came from that refreshing sensation you feel when opening a refrigerator. I wanted to capture that coolness and bring it to our pets, providing them with a soothing retreat during hot weather.

Q2. Can you explain the main features of each product and how they contribute to keeping pets cool and comfortable?

Jimmy: The main feature is the use of ice packs for physical cooling. By incorporating insulation layers to retain cold air and leveraging the principle of cold air sinking, the interior of the cat house remains cool and comfortable.

Q3. How did you develop the cooling technology used in these products, and how is it different from other cooling solutions on the market?

Jimmy: We use food-grade insulation materials and insulated aluminum foil for both the ice packs and inside the cat house. Unlike many products on the market that rely on gimmicks, our products deliver genuine cooling.

Q4. What considerations were taken into account regarding the materials used in the construction of these products, especially in terms of durability, comfort, and pet safety?

Jimmy: We chose high-density Oxford fabric for its durability, and the structure uses high-weight hollow boards that can support an adult, ensuring pet safety. The elevated design keeps the pets off the ground, which they find more comfortable.

Q5. Can you walk us through the process of designing and testing these products to ensure they provide long-lasting cooling comfort for pets?

Jimmy: We faced numerous challenges in the early stages of designing our product. How do we control a temperature range that pets love and find comfortable? It can't be too cold, but it also has to provide effective cooling!

Q6.How do we maintain long-lasting cooling, unlike gel mats that only provide a brief moment of coolness?

Jimmy: Through extensive testing and experimentation with materials, structure, and ice pack ratios, we finally achieved a solution. Our cat house now keeps a comfortable and cool environment for 8-12 hours.

Q7. How do you envision pet owners incorporating these products into their pets' daily indoor and outdoor lives?

Jimmy: The idea for this product came from a need to keep my own cats comfortable during hot summer days. Whenever I left for work, I worried about them overheating at home. Running the air conditioner 24/7 resulted in sky-high electric bills, so I came up with a better solution. This cooling cat house is their personal air-conditioned apartment.

Before I leave for work, I just place an ice pack in the cat house's ice compartment. This keeps them cool all day long and saves me a lot on electricity. It's also perfect for trips. I take it along when we travel, and it works great in the car, tent, or hotel.

Q8. What feedback have you received from pet owners, and how has it influenced any improvements or modifications?

Jimmy: We've received feedback that our product's color options are limited and that some customers have larger cats. We're listening to your needs and will be introducing more color choices and additional sizes in the future.

Q9. How do you see these products evolving in the future to further enhance pet comfort during hot weather?

Jimmy: I believe our products will continue to be well-received because they address real user needs. We aim to enhance comfort, aesthetics, and convenience in future iterations.

Q10. Can you discuss the eco-friendliness and sustainability aspects of these products, particularly regarding the ice packs and overall environmental impact?

Jimmy: We've always placed a high value on environmental sustainability. The recyclable and reusable ice packs are incredibly eco-friendly and safe, ensuring minimal impact on both pets and the environment.

Q11. Lastly, what message would you like to convey to pet owners considering these innovative cooling solutions for their furry companions?

Jimmy: Thank you for choosing our products. We are dedicated to creating superior solutions that genuinely enhance pet comfort and well-being.

By understanding the meticulous design process and dedication behind Clawsable's cooling pet products, pet owners can confidently provide their furry companions with the ultimate comfort and relief during hot weather.


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