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Seeking Your Valuable Input

Your past support as a customer and subscriber to our email updates means a lot to us. We have always sought ways to enhance our products based on your invaluable feedback.

Recently, we received a suggestion that piqued our interest: the creation of cooling cat houses. As we explore this innovative idea, we would love to hear your thoughts to better understand market demand.

Market Research Questions:

Interest Level: Are you personally interested in cooling cat houses for outdoor cats?

Affordability: What do you consider a reasonable price range for a high-quality cooling cat house?

Alternative Solutions: Would you consider using cooling devices or technologies other than air conditioning to lower the temperature inside a cat shelter?

Extreme Weather Conditions: Do you believe there is a specific temperature range during the summer that a cooling cat house would need to effectively address? (e.g., above 100°F)

Duration of Use: Would you prefer a cooling cat house designed for year-round use or specifically tailored for the hottest months?

Features: What features do you believe are essential for a cooling cat house?

Color/Pattern Preferences: Are there specific colors or patterns you would like to see in a cooling cat house?

Size: What size specifications would best suit your outdoor space?

Material Preferences: Do you have any preferences for the materials used in constructing a cooling cat house?

Other Preferences: Are there any additional preferences or specific requirements you would like to see in a cooling cat house?

New Question: Do you envision using a cooling cat house indoors, and if so, what would be the main reason for indoor use?

Your insights are crucial in helping us create a product that meets your needs. Thank you for taking the time to share your valuable feedback.

We appreciate your role in our community.

Best regards,