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extra large heated outdoor cat haven
extra large heated outdoor cat haven material
high strength cage structure
large 3 story outdoor heated cat house
extra large-heated-outdoor-cat-haven-specifications
extra large heated outdoor cat-haven comparison
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Extra Large Heated Outdoor Cat Haven




Enhance Your Feline's Outdoor Experience with Elevated Comfort

Effortless assembly, versatile placement, and cozy multi-level design—ensuring warmth and comfort for your feline companions indoors and outdoors.

Key Features

Versatile Indoor & Outdoor Design

  • Indoor & Outdoor Comfort:Perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings, this shelter provides a spacious and warm sanctuary for cats, ensuring their comfort even during harsh winters.
  • Enhanced Mobility and Weather Protection:Featuring four removable wheels for effortless movement and a waterproof cover, this shelter provides insulation and reliable weather resistance for your feline companions.

Expandable Multi-Level Space

Three-tier design ideal for porch, patio, balcony, or garage placement. Levels designated for litter box/food, heating pad, and play area ensure comfort and functionality.

Tailored Design for Feline Comfort

The bottom of the cat enclosure conveniently accommodates a litter box, while its spacious front door facilitates easy human access for cleaning. The side entrance, tailored to fit feline proportions, offers added safety outdoors.

Quick Assembly & Storage

Collapsible without tools for rapid setup and convenient storage. Folds down compactly when not in use, reclaiming space effortlessly.

Heated Comfort Zone

The largest pad at the center of the cat enclosure is heated, ensuring a warm and cozy interior even in colder conditions.


Clawsable has been tested rigorously and certified by MET Labs. Their certification means this product adheres to strict electrical safety standards.

Insulated Exterior Shield

The outer cover of the cat enclosure is crafted from aluminum foil material, providing exceptional insulation to maintain warmth within.

Suitable Placement

  • Outdoor Usage: Ideal for gardens, balconies, or any outdoor space.

  • Cold Climate Comfort: Designed to offer a comfortable environment for pets in colder regions.

Package ContainsCable Ties x 1

  • Swivel Wheels x 4
  • Tray x 1
  • Bottom Net x 1
  • Windproof Ground Nails x 1
  • Small Grid Nets x 3
  • Large Grid Net x 1
  • Double-Layer Cat Cage x 1
  • Aluminum Foil PVC Cover x 1
  • 33*76 Heating Pad (28W 0.25A) x 1


  • Dimensions: 45in x 32in x 22in

With Clawsable's Multi-Level Cat Enclosure, provide your feline friends a haven both indoors and outdoors. Our innovative, multi-level design offers warmth, space, and effortless maintenance, reflecting our commitment to your pet's comfort. Tailored for gardens, balconies, and cold climates, it ensures year-round coziness. Experience hassle-free assembly, cleaning, and dedicated support—empowering you to give your cats the sanctuary they deserve, all with the warmth and innovation of Clawsable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Looks just like picture and was very easy to assemble

Liked this product because I can take my cat camping with us and don't have to worry about losing her and she likes the change in scenery


Our 2 alley cats needed protection after a vicious dog attack left one missing and another severely injured. There was a $50 coupon on Amazon and as a Prime member, I also got free shipping. Shipping was supposed to take 4 days but it arrived in 2 days. The assembly instructions could have been more specific and complete so I also referred to the video. It's a spacious 4 level cage with a tight fitting weatherproof cover. I placed the cage (uncovered) outside in subfreezing weather and went to the store to buy an extension cord. When I returned an hour later I was surprised to find the heated shelf was comfortably warm to the touch even though it was totally exposed to the bitter cold. Then I put the cover on which fits very tightly and is secured with 4 Velcro tabs. It has a nice roll up curtain that exposes the wide top and bottom double doors on the broad side of the shelter. The solid bottom tray can be removed for cleaning. There's also a clear flap with a Velcro strip to cover the kitty entrance. I found it days later and almost threw it away before I realized its purpose. I put it on since it's winter now and very cold and windy. The cats starting using the shelter immediately and I put 2 cameras inside to keep an eye on them. There's a small litter pail and 2 food bowls inside.. We had some warm days and I rolled up the wide flap. The cats seemed to like having a room with a view. I think I'll take the cover off in the summer unless I can effect some kind of A/C effect with an ice bucket. The cats can go in the uncovered cage for a safe resting place and I could just cover the top with something heavy to provide some shade on hot days. The small door that the cats use can be closed to keep them in or out. Any of the bigger doors could also be opened with the big flap up but then a dog could get its head in there, so I won't be leaving them open.

Sherri in Georgia
MINIMAL assembly instructions

This would be a five star review had the instructions been more complete and easier to follow.I have not used the house outdoors, we got it to keep multiple kittens indoors after surgery. It has worked well for us and the cats enjoy the different levels.