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Outdoor Heated Foldable Metal Dog Crate

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large



Discover our outdoor, foldable, waterproof dog crate made of heavy-duty metal. This spacious large-sized crate features a dual-door design and built-in heating function to ensure your pet's comfort. Ideal for travel or home use, this crate offers durability and convenience for your furry friend

Superior Comfort: Our dog cage boasts a super-thick, super-soft cushion, ensuring your pet enjoys the ultimate comfort.

Stay Warm with Heating Pad: The extra-large heating pad provides consistent, comfortable warmth, perfect for colder days.

Durable & Insulated: Crafted with an ultra-thick design and composite waterproof insulated aluminum foil cover, this dog cage is ready to withstand various weather conditions.

Versatile for All Seasons: From scorching summers to frigid winters, this dog cage is designed to keep your pet comfortable year-round.

Space-Saving Design: The exclusive two-door opening design saves space and prevents injuries, ensuring your pet's safety.

Easy to Install & Store: Setup is a breeze with no tools required. Plus, it conveniently folds flat for travel.

Adjustable Heating: The included heating pad is duration and temperature adjustable, offering personalized warmth for your furry friend.

Safety-Tested: Clawsable has been tested rigorously and certified by MET Labs. Their certification means this product adheres to strict electrical safety standards.

Chew-Resistant Cord: Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, the chew-resistant cord enhances durability and safety.

    Product Specifications:

    • Small Size: 23.6 x 16.5 x 19.3 inches, Weight: 14.33 lbs
    • Medium Size: 29.9 x 18.9 x 21.7 inches, Weight: 18.85 lbs
    • Large Size: 35.8 x 22.8 x 26.0 inches, Weight: 30.20 lbs

    Small Size Includes Accessories:

    1. 16.5 x 22.4 inch Temperature-Controlled Heating Pad (45w)
    2. 24-inch Dog Crate
    3. Dog Bed
    4. ABS Dog Crate Mat
    5. PVC Aluminum Foil Cover

    Medium Size Includes Accessories:

    1. 27.6 x 15.7-inch Temperature-Controlled Heating Pad (60w)
    2. 24-inch Dog Crate
    3. Dog Bed
    4. ABS Dog Crate Mat
    5. PVC Aluminum Foil Cover

    Large Size Includes Accessories:

    1. 33.5 x 22.4-inch Temperature-Controlled Heating Pad (96w)
    2. 24 inch Dog Crate
    3. Dog Bed
    4. ABS Dog Crate Mat
    5. PVC Aluminum Foil Cover

    Create a warm, comfortable, and safe space for your beloved pet with our Outdoor Heated Dog Cage. Whether it's a sunny day or a snowy night, this versatile and thoughtfully designed cage provides the ultimate in comfort and protection. Your pet deserves the best, so give them the gift of a cozy haven today!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 25 reviews
    Carmen G Figueroa
    Great value

    My puppies love it. I do wish I would have gotten a bigger one so that two little ones would fit more comfortably

    Sheila T.

    Bought this to use inside of an enclosed dog pen to help keep our dog warm while we are at work because she has anxiety attacks if we leave her in the house alone. It works perfectly and she always has a nice warm bed. We did buy an additional dog bed bad though to add more cushion because the one it comes with is quite stiff, but other than that it’s great. Easy to assemble as well.

    Very useful!

    Where do I start, this heated crate is really nice and useful.Pros:Doors easily removed to allow for easy ins and outs for your dog.Insulation cover is nice.The bed and heating pad are niceHeats really well, the low level is nice and toastyDoesn't pull too many amps of power.Cons:The heating pad remote is either on or off ( you can change heating levels) , it would be nice if it could be turned on by Bluetooth.The heating pad has to be on top of the bed, it won't heat from underneath. My dog ends up folding it as he tries to get comfortable.Overall, great product if the area your dogs sleeps is really cold.

    Warren Plummer
    Great crates for winter

    I got this crate to have my dog be able to lay down somewhere warm during winter when I can't leave him inside the house all day while I'm at work. It worked very well. He quickly discovered that it is heated for him to stay warm and sometimes doesn't even want to come inside when we get home because he is so comfy cozy inside this crate while outside. It really was the strangest thing. He absolutely loves the heat that his crate puts off for him.


    i like its new looks likenit would work but dont know i got this for stray dogs but had not used it yet