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Outdoor A-Shaped Portable Heated Cat House

  • 20.5 x 16.5 x 17 inches



Discover the Clawsable Portable A-Shaped Outdoor Heated Cat House – an innovative haven of warmth and tranquility designed to provide your cherished feline with the perfect outdoor retreat.

Key Features

Effortless Assembly in 5 Seconds

  • Quick Setup: Designed for swift assembly, this A-shaped cat house can be effortlessly put together in just 5 seconds without tools needed.

A-Shaped Design

  • Rock-Solid Security: Lightweight yet strong A-structure holds up to 150 lbs.
  • Prevents Accumulation: The A-frame design effectively prevents the accumulation of water, snow, and debris.
  • Antibacterial Protection: By impeding the growth of harmful bacteria, it creates a clean and safe environment that bolsters your pet's health and hygiene.

Moisture-Resistant Design with Elevated Base

  • Innovative Base: Equipped with 5 feet to raise the cat house from the ground, safeguarding it against water, snow, and moisture infiltration.
  • Superior Protection: Ensures a dry and cozy environment for your furry friend.

Advanced Insulation for Ultimate Comfort

  • Four-Layered Build: Combining a waterproof coating, durable 600D Oxford cloth, high-quality PVC, robust PP board, and insulating aluminum foil.
  • Optimal Warmth: Pair it with our heating pad to provide unparalleled warmth in even the most challenging weather conditions.
  • Summer Cooling: During hot summer days, you can even add ice inside the cat house, transforming it into a personalized pet air-conditioned room.

Enhanced Safety in Any Climate

  • Secure Fixation: Two metal fastening rings ensure stability and safety in outdoor settings, even in winds of up to 8 levels.
  • Dependable Shelter: Keep your cat safe and content regardless of the weather.

Innovative Cable Passage

  • Ingenious Cable Passage Design: Replaces the need for large openings, significantly enhancing waterproofing and insulation.
  • Constructed with durable silicone material: It boasts remarkable longevity. Moreover, it automatically retracts when cables are not in use, providing exceptional wind, rain, and cold resistance.

Complimentary Heating Pad Included

  • Thick and Soft: The included waterproof heating pad adds extra comfort and warmth, creating an inviting haven for your beloved pet.
  • Safety-Tested: Clawsable has been tested rigorously and certified by MET Labs. Their certification means this product adheres to strict electrical safety standards.

Discover Where the Clawsable Portable Outdoor Heated Cat House Shines!

  • Under the Eaves: Whether it's rain or shine, the Clawsable Heated Cat House offers your pet a warm and sheltered corner under the eaves.
  • Animal Shelters: At rescue shelters, the Clawsable Heated Cat House becomes a warm refuge for furry friends awaiting their forever homes, helping them adjust and feel the warmth of human care.
  • Outdoor Adventures: Ideal for camping, hiking, or outdoor gatherings, the Clawsable Heated Cat House keeps your pet snug and comfortable.
  • Backyard Bliss: Create a cozy spot in your backyard for your cat to relax and enjoy the outdoors, providing a perfect spot for your cat to bask in the sun or seek shelter during sudden rain showers.

Advanced Materials

  • Waterproof Coating: Enhances fabric durability by preventing water infiltration.
  • High-Density 600D Fabric: Withstands outdoor challenges, including scratching and biting.
  • High-Elastic PVC: Adds an additional layer of waterproofing and insulation.
  • Sturdy Military-Grade PP Board: Reinforces the structure, protecting against rain, wind, and ensuring stability (1500g/sqm).
  • Food-Grade Insulating Aluminum Foil: Prevents heat loss, offering exceptional insulation.


  • 15 x 16.5 x 17 inches | 4.2 lbs

Customized Options

Choose the perfect fit for your feline companion's comfort and preferences

  • Heated Version: With Standard Heating Pad
  • Unheated Version: With Soft Cotton Blanket

      Package Includes

      • Portable Outdoor Cat House x 1
      • Windproof Ground Nails x 2
      • Heating Pad x 1

      Elevate Your Feline's Outdoor Experience

      Elevate your cat's outdoor escapades with the Clawsable Portable A-Shaped Outdoor Heated Cat House. Deliver comfort, warmth, and protection tailored to their needs. Choose Clawsable today.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 42 reviews
      Lori Bourne
      Great product!

      So glad that I found Clawsable. We had been using a flimsier cat house for our indoor/outdoor cat that was not waterproof. This one is! We also bungeed it in place over pavers to keep it up off the ground and not get blown around.

      Gabriel Brooks
      Well made shelter

      Very well made but it was on the smaller side. the cat we got it for was absolutely not into it, so we returned it. It looked cute. I imagine it works wonders for some but we had a very specific need. I would still recommend though

      A bit!

      My picky cats LOVE this! Each time I walk outside there is a little face looking out at me. There is often another kitty waiting for their turn. I may end up having to purchase a second unit!


      Our visiting cat loves having this shelter to sleep in after his nightly escapades. And I no longer worry about him being out in the elements.

      My stray seems to love it, Feels nice and warm inside!

      This Fall a feral kitten showed up here. She had mange and was bald except for her head. At first, she was terrified of me but eventually I gained her trust. I was hoping to bring her inside, but she still is half feral and seems to prefer being outside. I had treated her mange, and her fur has started to grow back but not enough to keep her warm at all. I live in the Adirondacks, and it's been getting very cold. I was so worried about her staying warm. I bought her this house because of the good reviews and the fact that it was sturdy, insulated, had a heating pad, and was for outdoor use. It arrived quickly. I set it up in like 2 minutes. The hardest part was getting the heat pad wire through the little hole in the back. I plugged it in and gave it 5 minutes, then I set my hand on the pad to see if it worked. I could slowly feel my hand heat up, so I knew it worked. I then put this outside. I had a wood triangle wedge that I had used to protect my bush from getting crushed by snow. The house fit perfect inside this. Then I covered the wedge with a tarp to keep out any rain and snow. I put them on top of a pallet to keep them off the ground. I tied the house, wedge and tarp to the pallet to keep them secure. I showed her the new house and put some cat treats inside. That evening she was hunkered in her house, and she has been the past few days. I put my hand inside and it feels nice and warm. I loved how the inside is insulated with foil walls. The heating pad seems well made and the cord was thick and long enough. Despite it supposed to be weatherproof I still found a way to cover it for added protection and warmth. This house is perfect and it's giving me peace of mind knowing my sweet, bald feral kitten is warm and safe. I highly recommend this!