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Cat's Reaction to Photo of Late Dog Leaves Family in Tears

"I'm sure he remembers her."

When Cleo, a beloved senior dog, reached her 11th year, her muzzle had whitened with age. It seemed like a new chapter was beginning in her life, especially after the family adopted a lively kitten named Groot.

At first, Cleo was wary of Groot's exuberance, but the kitten's boundless energy and affection quickly won her over.

“She became his friend,” Asya Cutrino, the pets’ owner, told The Clawsable. “As time went by, they bonded.”

Groot loved to paw and pounce on Cleo, who seemed to enjoy the kitten's playful antics. Despite their differences, they found a special comfort in each other’s company, often nestled side by side.

Sadly, their companionship was not to last forever.

After 10 months of friendship, Cleo fell ill and passed away a week later.

“Groot would sit at the front door, waiting for her to come back,” Cutrino said. “He was depressed.”

The loss of Cleo left a noticeable void in Groot’s life, as well as in the hearts of Cutrino and her family. To honor Cleo’s memory, they created a large portrait of her to hang on the wall. They hoped it would keep her presence alive in their home.

Unexpectedly, Groot found solace in the portrait as well. Cutrino noticed that Groot would often stop to gaze at Cleo’s image, gently reaching out to touch her face with his paw.

@asyacutrino manca tanto anche a me.. 💔😔#perteeee #perte #dogandcat ♬ original sound - &lt3

“Me and my whole family cried a lot when he did it,” Cutrino said.

Over time, the sharp pain of losing Cleo softened into a bittersweet memory.

“Every now and then, he stops by the portrait. I’m sure he remembers her,” Cutrino said. “When I watch old videos of Cleo barking, Groot immediately runs to see if she is there.”

While Cleo can never be replaced in the hearts of Groot and his family, they have continued to share their love. Recently, they adopted a new kitten, whose playful presence has brought fresh joy into their lives.

The new kitten, though never having met Cleo, has seen her photo and perhaps feels her spirit in the home. As Cutrino reflects, Cleo's presence remains: “She is always here, in us and in Groot.”


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