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Courage Under Fire: Rescuers' Race Against Time to Save Trapped Pup



Kila, an adventurous dog , found himself in a precarious situation during a stroll with his family in Oʻahu, Hawaii. Spotting movement, Kila, ever eager for a chase, darted after it, accidentally breaking free from his leash and disappearing into an open storm culvert.

Unaware of the danger, Kila ventured deeper into the culvert until he became trapped. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, his family dialed 911 for help. Responding swiftly, the Hawaiian Humane Society's Field Services Team arrived, realizing they needed additional assistance. Enter the heroes from the Honolulu Fire Department's Waiʻanae Fire Station 26: Captain Kamehalani Ortiz and firefighters Scott Inouye and Jon Tornbom.

Initially hoping to coax Kila out, the rescuers quickly realized that digging was the only option due to the culvert's dimensions. With rain looming, time was of the essence.

"Digging to reach the drain pipe then cutting the drain pipe was the fastest and safest way to get Kila out before it started raining again," the rescue team explained.

Over the next four hours, the determined crew tirelessly dug, prioritizing safety for both themselves and Kila. Despite the challenges, their resolve remained unwavering.

"We did not lose hope," they affirmed. "The main goal was to dig safely and efficiently. It took a long time because we wanted to make sure the hole was safe for us and safe for Kila."

Finally, their efforts paid off as they spotted Kila and hoisted him to safety. The collective relief and joy were palpable.

"You could see the excitement and appreciation once Kila was above ground," the team recounted. "There were tears of joy and relief all around."

While the ordeal was a daunting one for all involved, Kila, ever resilient, greeted his rescuers with exuberance, as if nothing had happened.

"Kila acted as if nothing had happened," the rescue team marveled. "He started jumping around and wagging his tail!"

In the face of adversity, these brave rescuers exemplified courage and dedication, ensuring that Kila's adventure had a happy ending.

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