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SPCA Hosts Canine Clinic to Promote Pet Health and Well-being

Chucho and his brother Juanito patiently awaited their turn for shots, displaying their good behavior as they stood in line. Their mother's comforting presence and the promise of a special treat—cheese on a stick—helped keep them calm.

These two young husky mixed pups were just a couple among the many dogs who received complimentary vaccines on a Saturday morning courtesy of the San Francisco chapter of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SF SPCA). The line of cars waiting before the clinic opened stretched from Airport Way to the clinic site next to the race track.

Sixteen-year-old Victoria Lopez brought Juanito and Chucho—nicknamed "mutt" in Spanish—to the clinic to ensure their protection. "We wanted to get them vaccinated to protect them," Lopez explained as she cradled them both. "We heard about this, and it’s wonderful they did this."

SF SPCA officials expressed their commitment to reaching out to communities in need, particularly in areas like Stockton and the Central Valley, where accessing veterinary care can be challenging. "We know that many people in Stockton and Central Valley are having difficulty accessing veterinary care," stated Jennifer Scarlett, CEO of SF SPCA. "Even the most basic forms of care, like vaccinations. And that’s due to economics as well as the severe vet shortage. So doing these big vaccine clinics is a way to affect a large population very quickly."
Volunteers from San Joaquin County and surrounding areas, along with local agencies such as the Animal Protection League (APL), lent their support to the event. Jill Antonini, community outreach director of Stockton APL, highlighted the significance of such clinics in light of the rising costs and scarcity of veterinary services. "Veterinary costs have just skyrocketed, so clinics like these help the pet owners take preventive measures to keep them healthy," Antonini noted. "And it’s not just financial. It can be very difficult to find a vet."

While SF SPCA hopes to return to Stockton in the future, there is currently no set date for their next visit. Jorge Vargas, who brought his eight-year-old Labrador/Golden Retriever mix Scooby for shots, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity. "We heard about it on the San Joaquin Animal Shelter website," Vargas shared. "It’s been a big help to us."

The successful turnout and positive feedback from pet owners like Vargas underscore the importance of community initiatives aimed at promoting responsible pet ownership and ensuring the well-being of furry companions.


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