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Veterinarians Share Tips for Promoting Long, Healthy Lives for Pets



LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – How can we ensure our beloved pets live healthier and longer lives? This question was addressed by numerous veterinarians at a distinctive convention.

Each year, the non-profit organization North American Veterinarian Community (NAVC) hosts a convention showcasing the latest trends, techniques, and medical treatments in veterinary care.

In the past, human medications had to be adapted to meet the needs of our pets. However, today, medications specifically developed for dogs or cats are proving to be more effective with fewer side effects. Treatments such as pain medication and diabetes medication are now more efficient than ever before, as stated by VMX conference organizer Dr. Dana Varble.

With pet ownership currently standing at 85%, and a global shortage of veterinarians, clinics and veterinary offices are facing staffing challenges. To address this gap, many vet expos are reaching out to tweens and teens to inspire the next generation.

"In the United States, 93% of our veterinary population is Caucasian. By allowing middle schoolers to scrub up, draw blood, and perform sutures on model dogs, we aim to inspire them to consider a career in veterinary medicine, thus planting a seed for future growth in the veterinary profession," explained VMX conference organizers and CEO Gene O’Neill.

For the first time, the French Bulldog has become the most popular breed in the United States. However, despite their adorable appearance, flat-faced dogs like French Bulldogs often face health and breathing issues due to their signature snouts.

Veterinarians are now focusing more on educating pet owners about these challenges, recognizing the importance of early intervention and preventive measures.

As awareness grows and advancements in veterinary medicine continue to emerge, pet owners can play a vital role in ensuring the well-being and longevity of their furry companions.


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