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Heated Pet Bowl
Stainless Steel Pet Bowl
Dual Pet Bowl
Heated Food Bowl
Warm Water Bowl
dual 1.25L heated pet bowl green material
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Dual 1.25L Stainless Steel Heated Pet Bowl

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Elevate Your Pet's Mealtime Experience, Indoors and Outdoors

Introducing the Clawsable Dual 1.25L Heated Pet Bowl – a superior solution for enhancing your pet's dining comfort with ingenious features and thoughtful design.

    Key Features

    Dual Bowl Design for Versatility

    • Two Stainless Steel Bowls: Two 201 stainless steel bowls with convenient groove handles offer easy handling and serving.
    • Ample Capacity: Each bowl holds 1.25L, significantly larger than competing products, making it ideal for both water and food.
    • Enhanced Utility: Discover various usage possibilities based on customer feedback and experiences.

    Robust Construction for Durability

    • Reinforced PP Material: Crafted from thick, cold-resistant PP material, built to withstand impact and abrasion.
    • Rugged Endurance: Successfully withstands impact and drops, as demonstrated in visual and video tests.

    Advanced Heating Technology

    • Even Heat Distribution: The bottom and sides uniformly radiate heat at a consistent 131°F, preventing freezing around the rim.
    • Effective Heat Retention: EVA aluminum foil insulation prevents heat loss to ensure a warm and inviting mealtime.

    Waterproof and Sturdy Build

    • Silicone-Sealed Wiring: Advanced silicone-sealed wiring ensures waterproof reliability, even at the bowl's base.
    • Secure Screw Assembly: Assembled with eight screws for robust, glue-free bonding, enhanced further by anti-slip EVA cushioning.

    Extended Anti-Bite Cord

    • Extended Length: A generous 2-meter anti-bite cord offers extra freedom and convenience, surpassing the standard 1.6 meters.

    Unleash the Possibilities: Indoors and Outdoors

    From cozy indoor corners to outdoor adventures, the Clawsable Dual 1.25L Heated Pet Bowl transcends traditional pet feeding. Imagine your furry companion's delight as they enjoy warm, comfortable meals, even in the coldest weather.

    Versatile Outdoor Solution: Take it camping, on hikes, or to the patio – your pet can now relish a warm meal outdoors.

    Cold-Weather Relief: Combat freezing temperatures and keep your pet's water and food accessible and warm.

    Paw-Friendly Comfort: The innovative heating design ensures your pet's delicate paws remain cozy and ice-free.

    Ideal for Multiple Pets: The dual-bowl design caters to multiple pets, enhancing their mealtime camaraderie.

    Product Specifications

    • Dimensions: 14.2 x 7.1 x 3.9 inches (36 x 18 x 10 cm)
    • Voltage: 110-120V / 60Hz
    • Power: 42W
    • Constant Temperature: Adjustable up to 131°F (55°C)
    • Net Weight: 2.12 lbs (0.96 kg)
    • Materials: Reinforced Cold-Resistant PP, Stainless Steel, EVA Aluminum Foil, Heating Wire

    Available Colors

    Choose the perfect color to match your pet's personality and your home's aesthetics:

    • Blue
    • Green

    Elevate every meal with Clawsable – Redefining Pet Comfort, Indoors and Outdoors.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 23 reviews
    Alisa Alexander
    Feline Feral feeding station

    The heated bowls are the right size and depth. The cord is a good length. The bowls aren’t too hot and keep the food and water warm. The bowls are easy to clean. This is durable product. I have purchased a second set. I recommend this product for all other rescuers.

    James Mikolajczyk
    Heated food bowl

    Great product the stray cats love it

    Rick Frye
    Great Product

    Recently installed and the worst of winter has not hit yet. Regardless, food and water are not frozen on the cold days and nights since placing the product outside. Appears to be a good purchase.

    Molly Skye
    Outside cats love it

    This purchase is great for my outside cats who shelter in my garage. The bowls, which are removable for easy cleanup, keep the food and water warm. I would definitely recommend this item.

    Courtney Brautigam
    Now this is nice!

    This is a really great quality food and water bowl for pets. Good deal on price too! Nice thick cord for outdoor, both stainless bowls come out and it’s really easy to clean out. It takes about 2-3 minutes for the water and food to get warm heck I don’t even think it took that long. It works really great! My pets are enjoying it already! Highly recommended !!